If You Don’t Have It Get It!


     What could I be talking about? Positivity! Our mind can run 100 miles a minute on nonsense, and it can deteriorate our forward movement to growth. So what is the key? 1) Have several plans. 2) Be flexible. 3) Get your sleep, eat well and exercise. 4) Consistently tell yourself positive things… you are a wonderful artist, crafter, content creator… So keep bringing the BEST YOU to the front, Happy Creating!

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Always, Crystal

First Quarter is Almost Done!


     As of now January’s  gone, February’s  gone, March is almost gone!!! How have you been doing? Are you frustrated, disorganized, satisfied with progress, happy with success, have not even gotten on any journey of growth or business so you are coasting? Whatever the case KNOW that you have it in you to figure it out! Research what you don’t know, study till you know it, then invest in yourself into being productive in your accomplishments! 

Sometimes you have to spend money to do all this, you may need supplies! Not necessarily everything at once but over time. So that’s my video above click for details! Watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel C. Lynns Art! Everyone is on a journey, make sure to enjoy it! I was gifted this lovely easel…just what I wanted, my journey is and has not been easy, fun or beneficial consistently but I am making adjustments to do what I need and want to do, Happy Creating! 

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Get a Little Sparkle in your Life!



     This post is for the artist and crafters that are hesitant about changing techniques. I am here to say…JUST DO IT! Why? Because if you don’t like it go back to what you were doing! Change can be good and temporary. Just because you start a new technique doesn’t mean you are now a new person, so stop freaking out, you may really enjoy or even be really good at something new, Happy Creating!

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Always, Crystal 

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What Are You Working On?

     This year one of my plans is to schedule more content for my art to be seen. So currently I am working on this https://youtu.be/ZZeu2171Uww 
I am posting regularly on my YouTube Channels so definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel C. Lynns Art to stay in the know. Now the painting has developed into this https://youtu.be/xh66oGHZBBk 
Trying different techniques, remembering what it feels like to get lost in the painting moment, thinking your going to spend just ten minutes on a little something and an hour has went by, I really want to soak up moments this year. 

So if you are an artist or crafter I encourage you ENJOY YOUR ARTISTIC LIFE, Happy Creating! 

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Always, Crystal 

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How You Doing in 2022?

 Welcome to my first official blog of 2022 πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ!

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How do I feel about 2022? Watch https://youtu.be/zRiTNrrs8Z0 

     So to break it down this is day 17 of January 2022 and I feel like ALREADY it’s going down hill…quick! Anybody feel me? Like I am really looking and analyzing people, places and things around me and I am giving a real πŸ˜’ side eye! (Funny this emoji popped up because when I really need it I can’t find it) 

     That means there will be some changes, some hurt feelings, some movement of sorts because I am not playing any games  or allowing games to be played with me in ALL 2022! ( Who’s with me! ) This year let’s do better in EVERYTHING! Everyday is a new start, a reset! Now yes, like I have, you will have times you wake up to reset and the same drama from the day before may follow, but the key is to stop it as soon as possible. Life and Business will have it’s ups and downs, just LEARN FROM THEM! 

     Now with that important message done… I hope your 2022 has been well, if not I hope this blog gives you motivation, inspiration and encouragement as I strive to do in my artwork stores.ebay.com/clynnsart love and respect yourself, your business and those who are on your same page in life and business. So let’s make this the best year of our life, Happy Creating! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

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      Thanks for a wonderful blogging year of 2021! With all the ups and downs life can bring, one thing remains, show appreciation for those you appreciate. 

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Happy Creating!

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You are invited…

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Don’t You Just Love Blue… / Thank you…



     This is my newest painting! This picture was taken in late afternoon light so it may look a shade creamier than reality. Go to the link above for the painting link! 

So when it comes to colors I enjoy working with all of them, but it’s the blues for me πŸ˜‚❤️  on any given day! Are you a blue lover and if not what is your favorite color to work with? Comment below πŸ‘‡ 

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New Art Item!

      Do you ever feel like you just need a little work space separate from your designated work/office space? Then watch my YouTube video https://youtu.be/NSHpkyljzUo 

     I been looking for something not to big but big enough to do some projects on and after having it about two weeks it really is one of my favorite things! 

     Continue to be focused, peaceful and productive, Happy Creating!

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Later, Crystal

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Get Cash Back!

     Calling all Artists and Crafters! Have you been getting cash back on your supplies? Well if not start today. 

Use my personal referral link to start saving on your office and home supplies! I been using Ibotta for years and I have been surprised what items can get cash back on them. So click the link above to begin saving on everyday items and put that money back into your business, Happy Creating! 

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Later, Crystal 

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