Just Create It!

 Do you ever feel stuck in your creativity? Or are you getting bored with your usual routine? Change up! You may say that I paint in acrylic paint that’s my medium, but you can’t seem to stay on a work schedule, your sales are dwindling down or you know you need to paint but when you sit in front of your work space... your mind wonders to that lovely vacation you need...  Yet your not productive so you need to change up. What do I mean change up? A change up could be as simple as moving your work space to the other side of the room or it could be as drastic as.... changing your medium! At least for a little bit, till you want or miss your first love (acrylic paint) go buy some oil paints, watercolors, charcoal, markers this list is almost endless.

     You could totally go left and get Crafty! Buy yarn, fabric, beads, wire, that list can almost be endless too. Also a change up may need to be your subject matter. Are you always doing abstract work? Why not try drawing or painting people, places or things.

     Lastly to be able to Just Create It u simply need to step away, take a real break like a week off. No art and crafts, no social media and just become something totally different...like a foodie of all things cheesy! Just saying change up!

     That’s what my picture is about, in 2014 I had moved to a totally new state that I had not even visited before. It messed up my creativity especially when autumn season came I so missed leaves. So I had them mailed to me but because I am a acrylic painter usually, I just enjoyed there beauty. Then as the color of reds and yellows faded it hit me! I need to change up and do something with this. So after a little googling and Micheals shopping.... I created a piece of art that I have since never replicated, but it gave me that jump I needed to get back to creativity!

     So whatever you do don’t totally stop creating just change up, then you can Just Create It!

Happy Creating, Crystal

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