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      Every year around September/October  ALL creatives get that anxious excitement of the sale season that awaits! It is the last quarter of the year and what sales you did not get before, you are counting on twice as much maybe 4x as much this year because this Covid-19  got many of us feeling away. Nevertheless I have just a little personal advice that I am making sure to apply...

     1) Increase my sleep 🛏. The season has changed and I feel it in different ways, so to adjust to it I am going to sleep earlier allowing myself to wake up naturally or when the alarm sounds, no snoozing...for the most part.

     2)Redo my schedule to reflect what’s ahead 🗓 . I create differently or seasonably (if that’s a word) so Summer hours are waaaayyyyy more relaxed than Fall/Winter hours. 

     3)THIS IS THE BIG ONE...stop creating all together (Let that marinate a little).  I have recently posted in my Instagram stories and reels about not getting off the path just take a break. It’s simple take time off BEFORE you need it! Do not get burned out, stressed and almost depressed to decide to step away you know what I mean. So I am NOT using my hands to create anything on Saturday, half or all of Sunday depending on how I feel and Monday morning. I only allow some social media posting and interactions. In reality I am being creative without physically creating 7 days a week! This works right now to give me the mindful break I need to be the best Artist/Crafter I know I want to be. 

    These are the main things I am applying may they be helpful to you on your creative path!

Happy Creating!

Now on to the next blog post,

Later, Crystal 

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