Are you…Or do you Have…?

      Soooo what am I trying to say? Are you content? Or do you have contentment? Are your eyes shifting, mind rolling trying to connect how this ties into an art blog…I got cha just wait and see! I awoke today feeling deeper than usual! So this was on my mind, some content creators say don’t be content because you are really settling, that is one way to look at it. I choose this way…

     Being content or having contentment is a level in growth. When you have a plan, or goals if don’t reach a level of contentment in the moments you accomplish those goals, level by level you will not have a clear measure of joy and happiness because you are to busy running to the next plan, the next goal. Contentment and being content allows you to SAVOR the moment. ( Let that sink in!) 

    If you have not noticed life can be unpredictable, so why would you want to pass up a celebration moment of an accomplishment? I don’t! Every win we have, small or large is OUR WIN! 🥰 Love it. This is important as an artist, crafter, and all journey, Happy Creating!

Now on to the next blog post…

Later, Crystal 

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