What’s Your Mood?



   Do you create for income or for yourself? Does your mood play a role in when you decide it’s for money πŸ’° or yourself πŸ‘©πŸΎ‍🎨 ? Have you ever thought it’s BOTH! Why do I suggest that? When your mood is positive and full of self love your artwork shows and people want it…even when it’s not for saleπŸ˜‚! Many times as artists and crafters our emotions are wrapped in our artwork for better or for worse our feelings come out. So why not enjoy the combination of self worth of personal value and monetary value! Basically enjoy what you create and get paid, then if you feel at some point you are feeling stressed 😫 or your artistry is no longer enjoyable DON’T QUIT, take some time off to just veg out! It’s ok to be mellow. Then come back more focused with brand new creativity. That’s what I did! 🎊🎊🎊 I took some time off Instagram, then adjusted how much time I would spend on there to be more productive in my life all around and came back with swimwear! Got to love πŸ’• REST! So make sure at all times analyze your self care so you can be the best you, Happy Creating! 

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