How You Doing in 2022?

 Welcome to my first official blog of 2022 🎊🎉🎈!

Welcome new art crew members here, on my YouTube channel C. Lynns Art and on my Instagram @c.lynnsart! 

How do I feel about 2022? Watch 

     So to break it down this is day 17 of January 2022 and I feel like ALREADY it’s going down hill…quick! Anybody feel me? Like I am really looking and analyzing people, places and things around me and I am giving a real 😒 side eye! (Funny this emoji popped up because when I really need it I can’t find it) 

     That means there will be some changes, some hurt feelings, some movement of sorts because I am not playing any games  or allowing games to be played with me in ALL 2022! ( Who’s with me! ) This year let’s do better in EVERYTHING! Everyday is a new start, a reset! Now yes, like I have, you will have times you wake up to reset and the same drama from the day before may follow, but the key is to stop it as soon as possible. Life and Business will have it’s ups and downs, just LEARN FROM THEM! 

     Now with that important message done… I hope your 2022 has been well, if not I hope this blog gives you motivation, inspiration and encouragement as I strive to do in my artwork love and respect yourself, your business and those who are on your same page in life and business. So let’s make this the best year of our life, Happy Creating! 🎈🎉🎊

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