Keep That To Yourself! I Really Don’t Care


     Why when you are a creative person, people feel sooooo comfortable expressing there opinions on your work? Like... I think if you had did would look better, or what were you thinking when doing that? Are you going to sell that at that price?  If opinions like these have not been put on you like glue, that’s great then this post is NOT for you. Those of you that have felt the nasty glue of opinions not asked for THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

     Let me start by saying, whatever creative, artistic, crafty skills you have they are great!!! Why can I and do say that confidently? Because you are trying and especially if you put it out on social media and even more if you show your face! What your trying to do is great, yes GREAT,GREAT,GREAT because you are trying! Do not give up if a piece is not exactly what you wanted, start again after taking a break, relaxing a moment, just start again. Those lovers of opinions big and small will be around but they mean NOTHING! So just let them know politely like the boss you are, keep that to yourself! I really don’t care.

Now on to the next blog post....
Later, Crystal

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