Artistic Change is It Good?

     I opened a Ebay Store recently, to be able to sell my art on a different platform. Well while looking into expanding my creativity I was able to connect my art designs to tangible products! This is something I have never done on this scale before, it was a learning process, had to research different ways of doing this and finally it came together!

     So I ask myself is my turn into a new realm of creativity good? Is artistic change good? YES! Why? Because you don’t know how it’s going to turn out if you don’t try, plus it’s not hurting me or costing cash but I am using time that I can not get back, but that’s ok too. I planned for this time spent. Also I am not living in “what if “ mode any more. I spent too many years indecisive, that kind of thinking all the time can be very draining and unproductive, so then time is wasted as you keep getting older and nothing has changed in you artistic growth, which means opportunities have probably been missed.

     So look at your artistic path are you where you want to be? If not take time to love yourself by figuring out what is holding you back. Then make a plan to progress forward. Making calculated moves can reduce waste in money and time. Happy Creating!

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Later, Crystal
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