Do You Follow Trends or Create Your Own Lane?

      Trends come through making movement so there is chatter and people get all flustered trying to hop on to make some money. It happens in all areas of life. So when it comes to your creativity do you hop on too or stay riding in your lane? Well there is no real correct answer to me it’s a personal decision, because you got to sleep with your decisions at night. With me, I don’t keep up with what is going on regularly so trends don’t mean anything, I just do what I do and try hard daily to improve upon that. If I feel what I am doing I continue, when I don’t feel it I don’t Create it anymore. Thus the many creative works ranging from canvas paintings, drawings, hair accessories, original designed cellphone cases and more. Most available at and on 

I think it also depends on are you an artist from the heart or an artist from the brain? That can dictate how you move as well. Whatever the case make your money! Enjoy your creative process and stay positive and productive!

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