Being Consistent Brings...

                     Being Consistent Brings...( No this is not an exact repeat from my other blog because that had to do with that and this is this, so continue reading, thanks)

      Many rewards come from being consistent when it come to arts and crafts. I have noticed over the years when I took off WAY TO MUCH TIME from painting, drawing, crafting it damaged my skills. Yes it was because of my health issues so it was understandable but it was not good mentally, physically or emotionally for me. As artists and crafters would you agree every handmade piece you have done is forever a part of you wherever it ends up? For me art is so therapeutic that every time I was not being artistic for awhile I felt like a piece of me was missing. If you don’t feel that way about your art no biggy I am an old school artist 👩🏾‍🎨 so that can make a difference, nevertheless I really appreciate being consistent in this area of my life. I have a schedule/routine that I critique from time to time to make sure my artistic work thrives and not suffers. Also this helps me make sure my creativity does not suffer as well. I need sleep and peaceful quiet time to be creative, so all of this works for me because I am being consistent.

     Being Consistent Brings skill sets up, focus higher, creativity jumping and a overall peaceful well being. So I encourage you if you are not at ease in your creativity find your path to consistency, get a planner, calendar, set a routine and don’t be hesitant to adjust it here or there to get the greatest benefits.

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Later, Crystal

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