Spread Your Talents! Make That Money 💰

     Many talk about getting streams of income but does this apply to artists and crafters? If you want it to apply it can! It is very easy to Box 📦 ourselves in and get discouraged if sales are slow or have too many uncreative juices. So what to do? I can suggest a few things but dig deep you have more in you! 

     1) Start a website/blog! Be creative you have life experience through your art/craft experiences and in general. What other interests do you have? Write about them! 

     2) Be an affiliate! How many times have you seen a YouTuber say use there “link below”. Get your own links and find business you connect with! How do you do that? I am an affiliate that can connect you to more opportunities. Use anyone of my SHAREASALE links on the side bar, you sign up then qualify for different companies which will provide links, banners, coupons and the like that you implement. 

     3) Be a Teacher! Do you have techniques that others would pay to learn? Have you been through somethings that others could find value in? Take a pole in your social media and see what your audience needs to know or are deeply interested in... then that is your answer. Put a variety of questions out there you may be surprised that what you are currently doing they don’t even care about but because they like YOU they support you. Imagine the money 💵 that could be made if you gave them something they wanted!

This is just a few ideas to get unboxed! Dig deep to get more! #creatives #artist #crafter #money 

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Now on to the next blog post, 

Happy Creating! Crystal 

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