Stay Positive, Focused and Productive! Artists/Crafters
 What do you think of yourself as an Artist or Crafter or both? How you feel will come through your work for good or bad. You ever try to be creative on a project after getting into a disagreement? Usually the creative juices are flowing rapidly and crazily or they are very dried up, either one for me is not really where I want to be! Can anyone relate? Comment below! I have found that I go through wavelengths of ups and downs of... I got so many ideas, to what am I supposed to do today? Then don’t add in headaches, suffering from an illness, it can be a lot. 

     So this blog is to let you know everyone creative in something goes through mindset issues because of one thing or another. You are not alone!!! (Michael Jackson if you are old enough 🤣 to remember) I found that literally writing a schedule on a calendar 🗓 or 📓 notebook, which I usually get from the Dollar Tree Store are great, to stay focused on projects to be completed, having positive messages in between as reminders that you got this, and setting goals weekly and/or monthly to see your productivity is key to progress! 

Yes with Staying Positive, Focused and Productive you can stay on a healthy journey of artistry and crafting! 

Until the next blog post,

Happy Creating! Crystal 

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