It’s Spring, time for New Art! 

     Spring brings a sense of newness and growth in my mind, so it’s time for a little change! I was requested to make a certain gift, of course I said yes! In my head I was like, I have not done this before... a butterfly 🦋 that is supposed be nice, I was a little concerned. So what did I do you ask? A soft study on butterflies and got to work! Then called the client to ask if they wanted to critique it or be surprised... they chose to critique. Now this is not a normal thing I do but I am glad I did, it gave me a different perspective of what could be added for there liking... and ultimately they loved the finished art painting.

     Learning Point: Don’t shy away from everything you don’t know out of fear of being embarrassed or uncomfortable. There is growth in uncomfortableness! Every spring the ground gets uncomfortable, then produces works of art, every spring! So find that new project you concerned about tackling, research information on it, then get to work! Then when you need to, ask for an opinion of someone who has your best interests, Happy Creating!

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