Do You have Two Personalities?

     You know how someone begins a singing career in one genre then a few years down the road they do a 360 to another genre. They still sound good it’s just different so their fans have to get used to it because it’s as if they have two personalities! If you are an artist and crafter you may feel this way, I recently have. I love both but at different times, I can not paint and craft physically to close together because my mind is in a different focus place for each... thus feeling like I have two personalities! So what to do? Painting comes easy so when it bores me, I may change slightly to drawing more or do a 360 and do nothing to reset my brain then begin crafting. To me it happens so naturally that when I noticed it (today) I was determined this HAS to be put in a blog! I just seamlessly stopped painting for almost 2 weeks and just rested and reorganized my art space, picked up my craft inventory and got on it. So what’s the point?

     The point is DO NOT stress over your creativity! You are what you are, when you are, period. Your true customers, followers, subscribers will ride on your wave of creativity and understand you are not one dimensional, creatives have multiple talents which can pull or push them in many directions. So love ALL of you, as an artist, crafter and all around creative! Just stay organized and balanced so you can keep on creating, Happy Creating! 

Now on to the next blog post... Later, Crystal 

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