Invest in Yourself

                      INVEST, INVEST, INVEST!

     Invest in what? YOURSELF! Why? You are your best and biggest asset! Let that sink in for a moment.............

     Think about it this way, when you feel good you accomplish more, when you have more money you by more, save more, eat more, shop more and so on. So if you gain more knowledge and experience on a matter, you would make better decisions as well. So what in your life right now needs to change? Do you want a different job, or own your own business? Do you want to eat healthier? Do you want to get to know Jehovah God or have a better relationship with him? Do you want a hobby that can be done year around? Do you want to further your schooling? Whatever it is you want to change are you seriously ready to do so? Or are there major butterflies in your stomach every time you consider it? GOOD! GOOD? YES THAT IS GOOD, turn that nervous energy in to ACTION.  Here are some of the steps on what I have done to make some needed changes in my life:

1) Write down what I want, then the steps that are needed to get there.
2) Research the steps to get there by reading/looking at books, Google, YouTube, asking those who have done it already.
3) Write down the exact steps and even some extra steps to get the change done and set a start date and a due date.
4)Pray about the matter, then tell a trusted companion that will encourage you to accomplish this wonderful change you want to make.
5) The day before you start the work, get a good night sleep.
6) Allow yourself some rest time in the changing process, if things come up that side track you just take care of them and get right back to the steps.

     Remember loving yourself is talking care of yourself however you can, so investing time, energy or money is loving you and it is not selfish. So INVEST, INVEST, INVEST IN YOU!

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Later, Crystal

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